Cultivating Buddhist Values through Compassion, Conservation and Continuity

Guided by the three qualities of: 

Compassion representing the Bodhichitta mind,

Conservation representing the enlightened activities

Continuity representing enlightened speech.


Our mission is to cultivate Buddhist values through conservation, imparting and study of both tangible and intangible aspects of the Buddhist heritage of Bhutan and the Himalayan region.


We aspire for an actively engaged Himalayan community that has a sense of shared ownership of our heritage through the preservation and continuity of our living Himalayan Buddhist identity.


We currently operate from a temporary location with limited resources and minimum facilities with a team of 6 dedicated monk conservators.

To fulfill our Vision and to give the monks a permanent home to continue their dedicated conservation work in preservation and continuity of Bhutan's unique heritage, the Buddhist Art & Cultural Conservation Centre was conceived.

The future BACCC is located 10 minutes away from Tashichhoedzong and related Government and Monastic offices. Its design includes conservation studios, library and research facilities, an interactive altar room and classrooms as well as storage facilities. 


baccc VISION

"BACCC aspires to actively conserve Bhutan and the Himalayan region’s tangible and intangible Buddhist art and cultural heritage."


buddhist art & cultural

conservation centre


YEAR goal


  • Begin Phase I  of BACCC construction in September 2020


  • Establish BACCC Research & Translation team

  • Begin Phase II of BACCC Construction


  • Begin Phase II of BACCC Construction


  • Commence classes for BACCC Conservation Appreticeship & Degree

  • Begin trainer & monk dormitory construction


  • Establish BACCC Committee

  • Administrative handover to Zhung Dratshang