The support programs that fosters preservation and continuity of Bhutan and the Himalaya’s tangible and intangible heritage.


Revival of Tashi Gomang

This 400-year old tradition is unique to Bhutan alone.

Created by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the lam manips (singing monks) traveled with the Tashigomang through the valleys and mountains of Bhutan singing spiritual songs to the people.

On the verge of disappearing, it was revived in 2016 through the Tashigomang Project under Her Majesty Royal Grandmother Kesang Choden Wangchuck's Patronage.


A Tashigomang National Tresure Exhibition

Tashigomang Project

A Tashigomang Trust Fund Established 


Bhutan Art Restitution & Reclamation Committee

BARRC-Bhutan Art Restitution & Reclamation Committee

BAARC is royally endorsed and was established in 2017 to reclaim Bhutan’s sacred artefacts misplaced from the country. The retrieved artefacts are returned to their original monasteries within Bhutan. BARRC has successfully brought home 3 national heritage artefacts since its inception.


Semtokha Dzong

Phajoding Monastery

Buddhist Art & Cultural Conservation Centre

Executive Director:   
Executive Associate: 

Kesang Choden T. 

Dechen Tshomo


Address: Thangka Conservation & Restoration Centre, Ten-Sung Department, Zhung Dratshang, Hejo, Thimphu: Bhutan

By Dawa Penstroke