Located in Paro valley, Dumtseg Monastery is the only stupa monastery of its kind in the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is a national heritage site that is closely associated with the history and local community of Jangsa village, Paro.

Built in the 14th C by the famous Buddhist master Thangtong Gyalpo, it is considered one of the most exquisite architectural craftsmanship. Its intricately detailed paintings are considered one of most striking artistic depictions in Bhutan today.

The ground floor level was restored and enlarged in 1841 by the 25th Je Khenpo Sherab Gyaltsen(1772-1847) of Bhutan. These larger outer walls are supported by 12 large pillars.

Dumtseg was in dire need of repair due to the numerous earthquakes it has experienced since its inception. It has also experienced much damage due to the high water table surrounding the area.

This Royal Project is a collaborative effort involving the local community, the Thangka Conservation Centre, the Royal Government of Bhutan as well as technical experts from Aichiken Co. Ltd, Japan.