The preservation and continuity of Bhutan and the Himalaya’s intangible heritage

Our Centre creates opportunities and educational programs available for monastics and non-monastics, both local and international, to ensure that the Himalayan Buddhist cultural and spiritual knowledge, wisdom and values are passed onto the next generation.


Conservation Workshops

Our monk conservators conduct 3 workshops annually that includes the first Scriptures Conservation Workshop in 2017, with monks from all over Bhutan, as well as our annual Caretaker Conservation and Preservation Workshops.



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Digitize Bhutan

Digitize Bhutan will kick start the digitization of the Himalayan region’s tangible heritage, beginning with Bhutan.

Digitize Bhutan is an ambitious 10-year undertaking to digitize and create a quality database system that provides future custodians with easily accessible and secure information for research, preservation and continuity of Bhutan’s tangible heritage.


Initiated April 2019