our projects

We aspire to actively conserve Bhutan and the Himalayan region’s tangible and intangible Buddhist art and cultural heritage.


Our vision is guided by the three qualities of Compassion, Conservation  and Continuity.


Compassion represents the Bodhichitta Mind that guides the Centre’s vision, mission and activities.

Support and outreach programs that fosters preservation, study and continuity of Bhutan and the Himalayas’ shared tangible and intangible heritage, encouraging cultural sustainability, self-sufficiency and harmony.



Conservation represents the enlightened activity of quality conservation and restoration and its craftsmanship for the conservation and restoration of Bhutan and the Himalaya’s tangible heritage.

Our conservation studios include thangka, object, textile and paper conservation and restoration with a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable monastic and non-monastic Bhutanese trained by reputable international conservators sensitive to local culture and traditions. We aspire to evolve into a high-quality conservation centre that uses technological advancements while adhering to traditional Buddhist sensitivities in conserving and restoring tangible Himalayan Buddhist heritage.



Continuity represents the continuity of Himalaya’s intangible heritage by passing on of traditional knowledge and wisdom.

Our Centre creates opportunities and educational programs available for monastics and non-monastics, both local and international, to ensure that the Himalayan Buddhist cultural and spiritual knowledge, wisdom and values are passed onto the next generation.